MYOB Business Basics

The best accounting software for small business

MYOB BusinessBasics is an entry level accounting software.  It is suitable for small and service-based business enterprises  (or micro businesses)

This is the best accounting software for you if you are running a business by yourself, or managing associations & clubs, religious organisations, tuition and learning centres, kindergarten, day care centre, insurance agency, NGO's,  consulting firms,  designer,  photographers, or providing similar services. 

This basic accounting software will help you take care of invoicing,  manage your cash receipts and expenditures,  help you with the basic bookkeeping functions, and  generate the accounting reports for management and financial reporting purposes.

Powerful, yet easy to use Small Business Accounting System

MYOB Business Basics has the following functions to help you manage your small business :

  • Accounts (Chart of Accounts, Budgets)
  • Banking (Bank Register, Bank Reconciliation, Payment Vouchers, Official Receipt)
  • Sales (Enter Sales, Print Invoice, Print Statement, Analyse Receivables)
  • Jobs Management
  • CardFile management (Maintain Customer, Supplier and Employee details)
  • Reports (Accounts, Sales. Banking & Sales Tax reports)

MYOB Business Basics does not  track credit purchase, account payable or stock movement. 

If your business requires to record credit purchases, or track accounts payables or track inventory purchase,  then  you  need to invest in our higher range of software,  MYOB Accounting  or MYOB Premier.



No accounting experience

MYOB system does not require the user to have any accounting experience to use the system. 

MYOB Accounting system  takes care of the double-entry accounting entries for you.   It will post the transactions to the relevant accounts, and will generate the Trail balance, Balance Sheet and Income Statement automatically for you.

MYOB Business Basics

Easily set up your MYOB Accounting System

Need help with setting up MYOB Accounting system? 

  • The Easy Setup Assistant  is a series of questions that will help you setup your accounts according to your industry and business needs. You can be up and running in minutes.
  • Access the Getting Started Guide, User Guide and built-in help files
  • Built-in checker to check unbalanced entries and errors
  • Related processes are grouped together and presented in logical flowcharts - easy to find
  • Simple English terms is used, instead of accounting jargon

Manage Sales and Invoice your Customers effectively

MYOB Sales Command CentreUse the MYOB BusinessBasics  Sales Command centre to issue quotation, sales order or sales invoice to your Customers.  All processes that you need to complete for Sales function are presented in  a logical flowchart.of tasks. There are no other hidden commands.

With this easy to use business management software, you will be able to simplify the way you raise a quotation and invoice  your jobs or projects.

Sales Register

The Sales Register allows you to view an overall picture of your sales activity. Using just one window, you can quickly and efficiently look at open (unpaid) and closed (paid) invoices, quotes, returns and credits and recurring templates.

You can perform several BusinessBasics functions using the Sales Register, such as recording receive payments from customers, editing a sale,  or changing the status of a sale (e.g  converting a Quote to an Invoice)

MYOB Sales Register

Customise your sales invoice

Customise your own Invoice formats, by inserting your business logo  and any special message on it. 

Create professional looking invoices without having to spend a lot on printing costs.

Receive Payments from Customers

When the customer sends in the payment, use the Receive Payments window to allocate the payments against the outstanding invoice.

Receive payment

Debtors Ageing Report

MYOB Accounting system will update your bank register, and the customer ledger once you record the customer's payments. 

You can get an updated Debtors Aging Report immediately

Debtors' Aging Report

Manage Receipts and Payments

Banking Command centreThe Banking Command Centre allows you to record all your Spend Money and Receive Money transactions,   print cheques,    print receipts,  prepare bank deposits and reconcile the bank accounts.

Bank Register

The Bank Register gives you a complete view of the banking transactions for a selected date range.  It shows the running balance of your bank accounts.

The bottom portion of the Bank Register also allows you to quickly and efficiently enter all your transactions from one window.

You can click on the zoom arrow beside the transaction date to drill down and open the source window of each transaction for more detailed information.

MYOB Bank Register

Record Payments Made

To record payment to suppliers, use the MYOB Spend Money function. You can access this function from the Bank Register window.

Enter details of supplier, the cheque number, date of cheque, and payment amount. Select the appropriate account name, and then click the OK button to save this transaction.

MYOB will automatically reflect the amount in your bank register, and update the Income Statement for the amount spent.

Payment to Supplier

Print Cheque

Turn your MYOB software into a cheque writer.   You can customise the printed cheque so they fit the fields on the cheques you use.   Then, insert the cheque in the printer, and let MYOB BusinessBasics print the payment details onto your cheque.  

Just this function alone could save you money.

The advantages of printing the cheque using MYOB software"

  1. Your cheque looks professional
  2. The amount in words is bound to be correctly spelt (by the computer)
  3. You have achieved 2 tasks with one action;  You have written  your cheque, and at the same time updated your accounting software with the record of payment.

Bank Reconciliation

Reconciling your bank balance with the bank statement is an important accounting task.

The process of bank reconciliation process can be a long and tedious task.   If you need to get up and walk away from it for awhile,  you can just close the reconciliation worksheet, and pick  up your work right where you left off without affecting your unfinished work.

Click Reconcile Accounts button to begin the process of reconciling your bank book. Enter your bank statement balance and tick off the cheques and deposits that have cleared.  MYOB BusinessBasics will tell you if you’re out of balance.

If you need to make an adjustment for bank charges and other transactions, you can do it within the Bank Reconciliation window itself.

MYOB Bank Reconciliation

Print or Email the Invoice to Your Customer

After you have recorded the Sales Invoice, you can click the Print Invoice button  to print the invoice which you can then send to your customer.   Better still, save on postage and stationery costs by emailing the invoice straight to your customer so they receive them faster, and you will get paid faster.

You can email quotes, orders, and invoice direct to your customers because MYOB BusinessBasics create forms and reports as secure PDF documents that cannot be edited.   The email capability works with all MAPI compliant email software, including Microsoft Outlook.


Track Sales and Service Tax

MYOB BusinessBasics makes it easy for you to easily track the tax (GST, VAT, Sales Tax) and prepare the tax reports to identify your tax obligations.

It also helps to track the tax paid, tax collected and as well as identifies any tax transactions you may have missed

Track job costings and project profitability

When you're running a business by yourself, it is important to have a complete understanding of all of your costs. 

With MYOB BusinessBasics, you can assign job-specific expenses to their respective projects.    You are then able to get immediate breakdown of the income and expenses incurred, and tell at a glance the net profit (or loss) for a particular job.

Manage Customer database

MYOB conveniently stores the information of your customers and suppliers in a section called  CardFile.

You can also group the customers into user-defined categories for classification purposes. Customer Information in MYOBYou can easily use the accounting system to generate a list of addresses of  your customers,  and send the report to Microsoft Excel for further analysis.

System Requirements

Minimum system requirement to install MYOB BusinessBasics software

  • 200 Mhz Intel Pentium Processor (or equivalent)
  • 64MB RAM
  • Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows Vista
  • 200MB of hard disk spce
  • 16-bit color, 1024 x 768 screen resolution
  • CD-ROM drive
  • Windows compatible printer
  • Internet access
  • Microsoft internet explorer 5.5 or above
  • Quick time
  • CD backup or removable drive for backup purposes

MYOB BusinessBasics Reports

  • 70 standard reports and charts
  • Real-time, up-to-the minute reports
  • Reports can be viewed online, printed, saved as PDF
  • All reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel [tab-delimited text file (,txt)  or comma-separated text file (.csv)

MYOB Accounts Reports

MYOB Sales Reports


MYOB Sales Tax Reports

MYOB Banking Reports


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