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If you are outside the scope of Malaysian GST,  or you just need a simple invoicing system, or a simple bookkeeping system, please leave your details, and we will manually review your request before we give you the download link.

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Note for Malaysian companies which are registered for GST

Please note that that MYOB BusinessBasics is NOT one of the approved software for GST Malaysia purposes.   MYOB BusinessBasics can create the tax codes that Malaysian Customs require and help you compute the GST input tax and output tax.  However, there are other requirement that the Malaysian Customs require, which MYOB BusinessBasics is not ready to comply.

The MYOB range of products that is certified by the Malaysian Customs as an approved  accounting software under the the category of   ‘GST Accounting software’  are MYOB Accounting v20,  or MYOB Premier v15.


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