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Screenshots – MYOB Command Centres

MYOB Accounts window

Overview of the available functions in MYOB accounting system

Most businesses will use either one or a combination of the 7 MYOB command centres to manage their daily business transactions.

There are many versions of MYOB Accounting software sold worldwide.  Some of the regions have made modifications to the software to suit their respective country’s needs, and the interface may not look the same as what you see here.

The screenshots shown on this website is applicable to the MYOB International version, MYOB Malaysia version, and MYOB Singapore version, with some minor differences.  The version sold as MYOB Australia and MYOB New Zealand versions will have an additional Payroll Command Centre, while the version sold as MYOB Hong Kong version is capable of handling simplified Chinese characters. There is also a MYOB version for the Mac machines, which has a different interface suitable for the Mac operating ssytem.

Nevertheless, despite the different versions sold worldwide, the workings of MYOB Accounting system is fundamentally the same.

1. MYOB Accounts Command centre


MYOB Accounts window
2.  MYOB Banking Command Centre

MYOB Banking command centre


3. MYOB  Sales Command centre

MYOB Sales screen


4. MYOB Purchases Command Centre

MYOB Purchases screen


5. MYOB Inventory Command centre

MYOB Inventory Screen


6. MYOB Card File Command Centre

MYOB Card File Screen


7. MYOB Time Billing Command Centre  

(only available in MYOB Premier range of software)

MYOB Time Billing


For more information on each command centre in the MYOB Accounting system, please click on the relevant options.

MYOB Malaysia product comparison chart

MYOB Accounting Software Malaysia Product Co

Which MYOB Accounting Accounting software is suitable for your Malaysian business?

Here is a quick glance at the MYOB product comparison chart.

The following questions will help you narrow down which  accounting software Malaysia to choose:

1. .How many users do you require

2. Do you deal with stocks?

3. Do you need to track supplier bills and payables outstanding

4  Do you need to invoice your customer,  or do you buy from a supplier, in foreign currences?





B Malaysia Product Selector

MYOB Accounting system Malaysia | What and Why MYOB

What is MYOB Accounting system?

MYOB Accounting system is a computerised accounting software that is used by businesses to  record and print sales invoices, purchase orders, and expense payment vouchers.

The accounting software comes with hundreds of standard reports, including financial  statements like Income Statement and Balance Sheet, which helps the business owners understand their business better.

The MYOB system fully integrates operational functions with accounting functions, and comes with stock control functions to monitor the inventory levels.

Once properly set up, the system is a great business tool for small to medium sized enterprises  (SME). to manage their business.

7 Reasons why MYOB Accounting system is one of the most popular accounting software in the world.

  1. MYOB accounting system uses graphics and common terms to help you move around.  This helps to  shorten the learning curve for first time adopter of an accounting system.
  2. No accounting knowledge is required to use the MYOB accounting system.  Accounting double entries are completed for you behind the scene once you record the business transaction. Business owners and the operational guys can easily operate the system after some familiarization..
  3. The accounting system fully integrates production and operational data with accounting records. Keep your information in one place for a complete picture.
  4. It provides real time information. You can get your reports anytime you want. No ‘batch posting’ is required.
  5. MYOB system simplifies complicated processes.  There are only 7 places to record your entire business transactions.  Complete an entry in a few minutes
  6. It has powerful features which are usually available in higher end accounting software, thus it is a  ‘value for money’ investment
  7. The system has been around since the earlier 90’s.  It is a stable product, supported by many partners across the globe, and can be easily integrated with other systems like CRM and online web stores


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