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The latest release of MYOB Accounting v26 and MYOB Premier v21 is  GST Malaysia approved accounting software.   It is compatible with Windows 10.

A GST approved accounting is the tool that will help you in GST Implementation. Every business will need to upgrade their accounting software to meet the Malaysian GST requirement.

Find out how you can upgrade your old software to the new software at a fraction of the cost.


In addition, you will get a discount for attending our training!

Find out what are the new features in the latest release.

Latest Update :

With effect from June 1, 2018, the GST rate has been set to 0% (down from 6%)


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GST 03 Submission workshop for MYOB users

GST 03 submission – what and how to review the GST 03 before you submit to Customs.

This workshop is open to all MYOB users who have already attended basic GST awareness course.

If you have no inkling how to record GST transactions in MYOB, then this workshop is not for you. Please attend the basic GST course first (call us to inquire)

Why attend this GST submission workshop if you already know how to enter GST transactions in MYOB?


Yes, MYOB Accounting software will generate the GST 03 report for you automatically based on the transactions you entered.


However,  the adage “garbage in, garbage out”  holds true.


From our experience assisting the users who have submitted their returns for April and May 2015 period,  we notice several common mistakes in their GST 03 form.


Find out what are the common mistakes people make in the GST 03 form, and how you can avoid making those same mistakes.  Learn from the mistakes made by others in their GST submission
Mistakes in GST submission can be avoided. 


How do you check whether the data is correctly reflected in the GST 03 form?

Attend our GST submission workshop to find out more.  Bring your MYOB datafile to the workshop


You will get a Free GST Review Checklist,  to be used with MYOB software, when you attend our GST submission workshop.  Use this checklist to check your own GST 03 form.

We will also allocate 15 minutes to 30 minutes per participant where we will go through the MYOB datafile together and show you the steps to correct the mistakes in your own MYOB datafile, if any.

What else will you learn from the GST submission workshop

– Get a clearer understanding on the application of GST Tax codes
– Treatment of Reimbursement Vs Disbursement
– Treatment for international business (GST on imports, reverse charge mechanism)
– How to submit the GST form online
– How to make the GST payment
– Logon to the TAP and go through the submission and payment

Disclaimer :  We do not profess to be GST consultants.  Any GST information that we deliver to you in the course of this workshop or training is generally available in the GST official website.   

If you have specific GST questions relating to your industry, you are advised to get consultation from a GST  consultant or the Customs officer. 



Fee is RM 689.00 per person, inclusive of GST.

Discount coupon applicable if you have attended any training conducted by us, or have renewed your MYOB Business Support Plan through our Company.

GST 03 Submission workshop for MYOB users

Please complete the online Registration form below.

After you click the ' Send' button, we will email a Booking Form with your details for booking the training, and payment details.

Payment can be made through direct transfers to our bank account.

 Please make your payment within  one (1) week of booking, and/or  at least 4 days before the training day,  in order to secure your seats failing which we will release the reservation. Training reservation will only be confirmed once payment has been received.

Please provide complete company details for GST purposes.

Please read the Terms & Conditions for Cancellation and Rescheduling procedures.

Training venue

Unit 37-8, 8th Floor Unit 37, Block C Boulevard offices, The Boulevard, Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur


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Planning for GST Malaysia with MYOB Accounting Software

MYOB Accounting GST Software made easy

What, Why and How to plan for GST Malaysia.

  • Key Facts about GST Malaysia.

  • Why you need to plan for GST.

  • How can MYOB help you meet your GST obligations.






Screenshots – MYOB Command Centres

MYOB Accounts window

Overview of the available functions in MYOB accounting system

Most businesses will use either one or a combination of the 7 MYOB command centres to manage their daily business transactions.

There are many versions of MYOB Accounting software sold worldwide.  Some of the regions have made modifications to the software to suit their respective country’s needs, and the interface may not look the same as what you see here.

The screenshots shown on this website is applicable to the MYOB International version, MYOB Malaysia version, and MYOB Singapore version, with some minor differences.  The version sold as MYOB Australia and MYOB New Zealand versions will have an additional Payroll Command Centre, while the version sold as MYOB Hong Kong version is capable of handling simplified Chinese characters. There is also a MYOB version for the Mac machines, which has a different interface suitable for the Mac operating ssytem.

Nevertheless, despite the different versions sold worldwide, the workings of MYOB Accounting system is fundamentally the same.

1. MYOB Accounts Command centre


MYOB Accounts window
2.  MYOB Banking Command Centre

MYOB Banking command centre


3. MYOB  Sales Command centre

MYOB Sales screen


4. MYOB Purchases Command Centre

MYOB Purchases screen


5. MYOB Inventory Command centre

MYOB Inventory Screen


6. MYOB Card File Command Centre

MYOB Card File Screen


7. MYOB Time Billing Command Centre  

(only available in MYOB Premier range of software)

MYOB Time Billing


For more information on each command centre in the MYOB Accounting system, please click on the relevant options.

MYOB Malaysia product comparison chart

MYOB Accounting Software Malaysia Product Co

Which MYOB Accounting Accounting software is suitable for your Malaysian business?

Here is a quick glance at the MYOB product comparison chart.

The following questions will help you narrow down which  accounting software Malaysia to choose:

1. .How many users do you require

2. Do you deal with stocks?

3. Do you need to track supplier bills and payables outstanding

4  Do you need to invoice your customer,  or do you buy from a supplier, in foreign currences?





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