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Simple Accounting Software Malaysia

MYOB Accounting Software Malaysia is a simple accounting software for small business.  It will help you automate ever financial aspect of your business.

To keep your business going, you need to invoice your clients and customers, and track the outstanding balances owing to you.   There are bills to be paid, statements to be mailed, jobs to be managed, and the banking to be done and reconciled.

Things happen daily, weekly, monthly.. all the time.  It’s a lot of work.   MYOB Accounting will help lighten your load.


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With MYOB Accounting system, you can view your up-to-date reports  at any time you want.  You don't have to wait for month end to review your status.  The real time report gives you  spot-on  figures for sales,  profit and cash flow,  so that you can identify the necessary areas for improvement.


MYOB Accounting system is easy to use

MYOB accounting system is also an easy to use accounting software.  It is suitable for SME's  engaged in any kinds of business, in Malaysia, and also worldwide.

Even if you are not familiar with accounting concepts and principles,  you can use MYOB Accounting system to record your business transactions.  MYOB Accounting software will do all the double entry accounting behind the scenes for you.

Each part of  the MYOB Accounting system is designed to work the way you do. You can enter cheques, create invoices, and make purchase orders, simply, as if you were filling out a paper copy.

Want to issue a Sales Invoice?  Just click  Enter Sales.  Complete the on-screen sales layout form, and click Record when done.  You can then print or email the Sales Invoice to your customer.

More importantly, the records you entered, and the changes you make in any record will update the financial statement of your entire business instantly and accurately.  MYOB Accounting works behind the scenes to ensure that the information you enter is properly recorded for financial control and reporting.

Every MYOB window has a quick step by step guide to help you learn how to edit, or delete the transaction, or any other task.


MYOB Accounting software is GST ready

MYOB Accounting is GST and VAT ready for countries where GST and VAT is applicable.

GST ready accounting software

When it comes to GST implementation,  MYOB Malaysia's team of developers and professional consultants are  in the best position to help business owners in Malaysia manage the GST implementation process.    The MYOB product  has, after all,  gone through the GST process across the globe, most recently in Singapore & Australia.

MYOB Accounting software is currently the top accounting software for small and medium sized businesses in   Australia, New Zealand and Singapore, to name a few.

The Banking, Sales and Purchase windows are equipped with individual item tracking of GST payable and GST tax credits.  This makes your job easy when reporting for GST claims and making GST payments to the Tax Authority.

Our users find MYOB Accounting Software to be a simple accounting software  BECAUSE a lot of accounting work has been done for them behind the scenes to make their  life easier.   They can then focus their time on more important things, such as sales and marketing.

Flowchart showing how you can select the right MYOB business software for your business


MYOB product selector

How to select the right MYOB software

How to select the right MYOB software


 MYOB Business Basics MYOB Accounting MYOB Premier   1 user MYOB Premier      3 user
Current version1.5 19 13 13
No. of users in the default package1 1 1 3
Handle foreign currency× ×  
Stock control×   
Purchase order×   
Accounts payable×   
Sales Invoicing   
Accounts Receivable   
Project Costing   
Branch accounting×   
No. of reports70 120 150 150
Password setupOne master password for administrator Can create passwords for  administrator and other users Can create passwords for  administrator and other users Can create passwords for  administrator and other users
If require additional usersUpgrade to MYOB Premier             3 user Upgrade to MYOB Premier 3 user Add additional users as required Add additional users as required


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